Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Class reading for Week 5 and 6

Here is a selection of reading that we will be dealing with on Wednesday and Week 6, 5th-7th October:

Eric Liu's essay, "The Chinatown Idea"

We will also read some poetry by the great Gwendolyn Brooks, available here:
"hunchback girl: she thinks of heaven" (click here)
"the ballad of chocolate Mabbie" (click here)
"Boy Breaking Glass" (click here)
"Two Dedications" (click here)

Remember, we also have reading from your textbook! Consult your syllabus for the listing.


  1. i love poetry, but not so sure about articles they kind of bore me. The essays are pretty good as well...deja

  2. i just finished reading them all, the poetry took a while for me to break down and understand it, but i finally got it.
    - devin