Saturday, October 3, 2009

Stereotypes -- Some things to think about


We've been talking about stereotypes with one eye on the paper that's coming up. Here's a quick summary of the main ideas we're throwing around:

Division and Classification -- how is one different from the other? How are these forces important features of our lives?

Stereotypes -- what approaches can we take to dealing with them? Are there any uses we can put them to?

Resistance -- how can an individual resist stereotyping? Are there different ways to approach a stereotype (with fear, with anger, calmly, etc...). What can we make of the different approaches demonstrated by Ortiz Cofer, Liu, Kincaid and Brooks?

Take a position on one of the pieces you've read. Why do you like one approach more than the others? Start thinking about the piece you choose for the first paper, coming up in about two weeks.

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