Friday, October 30, 2009

Revising and Expanding Paper I into Paper II

You will be turning a 2-pg paper into a 4-5 page paper

This means significant revision in both the form and content of your paper

Step 1: Correct all the mistakes I have marked in Paper I

Have you fixed all the grammar and spelling errors?

If I have marked any sections “repetitious” or unnecessary, have you re-thought those sections?

Rethinking = dig deeper and come up with new insights about your topic instead of repeating the same ideas.

Have you used MLA citation format for all your quotations?

Step 2: Expanding your initial topic

You have looked at one of the keywords from the definition of a stereotype and analysed the process of stereotyping using that keyword

Now you are invited to open up your analysis to further thought.

Some ideas of how you could do this:

-Using more sources: what do some of the other material we have studied in class have to say about stereotyping? Do they show something similar to what you have already pointed out in your essay? Do they show something different? Think in terms of both comparisons and contrasts.

-Use different types of media: Choose an artwork, a photograph, a song, a movie, an advertisement, a magazine article, a newspaper piece (either introduced in class or outside of class) to expand the ideas brought up in your first paper.

-Use different types of analysis: If your paper has looked more generally at the attitudes to stereotyping, then try to zoom in and focus more closely on a particular aspect of certain texts. How, for instance, does Spike Lee’s use of camera work play into what he is trying to say about stereotyping and the dangers associated with it? Analyse the device of framing (weird angles, non-traditional, non-Hollywood use of the camera) as a visual metaphor that is trying to indicate something about Lee’s message, or your own.

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