Saturday, October 17, 2009

Writing Assignment for Monday 19th October

The assignment for this week is simple:

Listen to the videos (below). Then write a journal entry in response to what you have just seen. The journal may deal with any ideas the songs have brought up for you, any tangential thoughts you might have, or even any other songs/poems/books/literary or pop culture reference that you are reminded of. Try to use the keywords we have been tossing around in class in your response.

Page limit: 1 page single-spaced or 2 pgs double-spaced
Format: Times New Roman 12-pt font, 1" margins

1. Miles Davis, "Darn that Dream"

2. Nina Simone, "House of the Rising Sun"

3. Nina Simone, "Ain't Got No... I've Got Life"

4. Janis Joplin, "Me and Bobby McGee"
(note: This isn't a video of the actual song, but a collage of footage of Janis singing at live shows -- still good!)

5. Velvet Underground, "What Goes On?"
(note: someone's creative effort to make a tribute video to this song -- cool!?)

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